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Tausha has been in the modeling and pageant world for over 13 years holding numerous state, local, and even international titles, as well as working as a teacher with Barbizon Modeling and Acting School.

Growing up in a dysfunctional, low-income home, made it difficult to excel in the pageant world. You are going to spend money in entry fees, wardrobe, travel, and overnight accommodations. To get the most out of the money you spend, you need someone to guide you through the process. Knowing what to expect going into pageant weekend, knowing what wardrobe is appropriate for the system, and doing what it takes for the judges to notice you is worth the investment!

Your next goal may be winning, or it may be moving into the top five. I will give you the coaching to meet and exceed your goals. The right coach knows the nuisances of competitive pageantry that can make or break a contestant. These happen in the interview, gown, fitness, talent and overall presentation. Sometimes, one little tweak can move you into the top 5 or even to winning the crown!

All pageants are not alike. While you may think an interview in one pageant system is the same in others, it is not. If you’re interviewing at  National American Miss, you have 45 seconds to leave a positive impression on each judge, while an interview for  High School America finds you standing in front of a panel for three to five minutes. A coach who knows the different systems can help you navigate the differences with ease.

In doing an honest assessment of yourself and your goals you will find a pageant coach is a good investment!

Tausha started this business for girls like her! Starting out and growing in this world, without someone to help, can be hard and take a lot of trial and error. It took Tausha 4 years before obtaining her first local title and 10 years before finally capturing that coveted national crown! She wants to eliminate the "trial and error" aspect of succeeding not only in pageantry but in life!

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Interview Development

Learn to Take Control of Your Interview

The Interview is hands-down the most important phase of competition in the vast majority of pageants. Even if the Interview does not comprise the majority of your final score, the impression you make in the Interview will carry through and affect your score in all other phases of competition. Whether your interview is a 12-minute session with a panel of judges, or 2-minute one-on-one interviews with 6 separate judges, We will teach you the skills to control the interview and leave the judges wanting more.


Modeling Session

Get the Most out of Your Walk

The onstage competitions (evening gown, swimsuit, casual wear, etc.) are your chance to project confidence, poise and stage presence. We will help you develop these skills plus teach you how to walk, pose and connect with the judges from onstage.

Resume & Platform Development

Make it Stand Out and Shine!

Aside from a head shot, your paperwork is the first point of contact the judges have with you. Before you actually meet, the judges see a sheet of paper that represents YOU. This paperwork will help the judges form questions to ask you in the interview, but more importantly, they will form an impression of your accomplishments, goals and level of preparedness to hold the title. Your paperwork must shine! We offer a complete Application Consultation and an Application Suggestions session to make your application stand out above the rest. Coaching/paperwork covers all aspects of paperwork for each pageant including platform preparation and development.

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“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman

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363 Sunshine Dr. Hartland, WI. 53029
14625 Watertown Plank Rd. Elm Grove, WI. 53122

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